A Song that Can’t be Sung

A Song that Can’t Be Sung           Premiere: March 2023

Co-produced by Abigail Akavia & Hilà Lahav and Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig 

Voice, Performance: Anna Clementi
Cello, Performance: Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha
Text, Dramaturgy, Performance: Abigail Akavia
Music, Video, Performance: Hilà Lahav

Four women meet in a space, to commemorate, to resist, to bear witness. To each her own voice, language, fate.

When trauma is unsayable, when words are unbearable, how can we possibly become a community? How can we listen?

A piece for flutes, cello, movement, and four voices based on the stories of Cassandra and Iphigenia.


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Videos by Hannes Flor


Sing, Sorrow

Ailinon ailinon eipe.
Sing sorrow, sorrow.

No one knows the future till it comes,
And it will come with sunlight dawning clear.
The prophecies were not in vain, you hear.

Sing, sing, sorrow.