Oedipus the King

Sophocles’ Oedipus the King

Translated by Nicholas Rudall

Directed by Abigail Akavia

Music by Leon Shernoff

Premiere: FXK Theater, University of Chicago, May 2013

Video editing by Hannes Flor

This production of Oedipus the King was devised in conjunction with “Constructing Oedipus: Performance and Adaptation,” a graduate seminar at the University of Chicago co-taught by Prof. Sarah Nooter and Prof. David Wray. It featured the acting talent of both faculty and students, undergraduate as well graduate.

The costume and set design came out of a unique cooperation with the School of the Art Institute, led by fashion designer and faculty member Bambi Breakstone.


Photos by Gilad Nir

Featuring: Eric Shoemaker as Oedipus, Kassandra Jackson-Miller as Jocasta, David Wray as Tiresias, Ian Chronis as Creon, Bindu Poroori as Chorus Leader, and Chorus members: Molly Blondell, Erika Jeck, Emily Jusino

Music performed by Kaitlyn McCain, Leon Shernoff, Jeremy Seeman

Costume design by Bambi Breakstone

Light design by David Goodman-Edberg

Set design by Bryce Burton, Eleanor Schichtel, and Abigail Akavia

Production team: Samantha Stambuk, Éno Agolli, Nolan Epstein